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Leeds Lakes and Ponds

Local historian and geographer, Anthony Silson, provides a fascinating look at how the various lakes, ponds, dams and reservoirs came to exist in Leeds. Where they are, who made them, for what purpose and which ones can still be found today.

Leeds is well known for its green spaces and nature reserves, but until this book its many stretches of water have not been well documented. Silson notes that the majority have been created rather than occurring naturally and sets out the background and the history of key examples. He covers mill ponds and dams, with special emphasis on the ponds of West Leeds, ornamental fish ponds and natural lakes and those created by the mining industries.  

Leeds Lakes and Ponds 
by Anthony Silson
pub. March 2022
ISBN 978-0-9930909-8-1 
86 pages, size 148 x 210mm

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